“It’s all about action and implementation, not lengthy or prescriptive reports”.



founder and CEO of THE ONE COMPANY, among the first Italian companies specialized in internationalisation of businesses.

Zurino’s professional career started in December 2010, when he opened the headquarters in Milan and a second office in New York. In less than ten years, The One Company has became a special reference point for many of the largest Italian industrial companies, with special focus on the Food&Beverage sector.

Anyone associated with him in business has the benefit of his drive, dedication and determination in whatever he turns his hand to and is the embodiment of success from hard work and foresight.


2010 – The One Company was born. Lorenzo opens the headquarters in Milan and a second office in New York.

Feb 2015 – Lorenzo accepts the position of chairman of IWF SUMMIT – ITALY WORLD FOOD SUMMIT.

Jan 2016 – Lorenzo becames the International Department Managing Director of Gruppo Végé.

Aug 2016 – Lorenzo is member of the National Italian American Foundation IALC – Italian American Leadership Council.

Jun 2018 – Mr. Zurino starts his role as trade advisor in Us market for BPER Export Consultant Bank.

Aug 2018 – Lorenzo is the Head Of Purchasing Department for Nastasi Foods.

Jun 2019 – Mr. Zurino becomes the President of the IEF – Italian Export Forum.


We help organizations successfully internationalize, expanding their reach to increase profitability.

Return on investment for our clients is our primary goal. And we know this can only be achieved when our work draws on our experience, know-how and international network of experts and successful clients alike.

How we deliver your expected returns is a hands-on approach using our on-the-ground expertise and a close working relationship with you and your teams.


CLIENT FOCUS – We are focused on our clients, through proactive, responsive and innovative services and solutions.


DECISIVENESS – We make decisions, based on our best analysis of the situation, input from others and a willingness to take action.